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Anomander Rake and Point of View

My very first draft of Gardens of the Moon stalled after about three pages.  I spent ten minutes re-reading what I’d written to that point, and then I hit the delete button.  Not a typical start for me.  By this point I’d done an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing at the University of Victoria and…
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Characterization: Part Two

Imagine someone saying something and not meaning it.  How can that be?  Imagine someone lying to themselves out loud, in the company of witnesses.  Who would do that?  Imagine someone listening to your question … and then not answering it!  Imagine someone who, instead of defending themselves to an accusation you make, just turns around…
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Needle and thread

Characterization: Part One

My academic friends often decry the general trend away from the teaching of literature in colleges and universities (well, all the humanities, in fact) as our world rushes into a new value system that surrenders nuance to polarization, veracity to opinion, and discourse to the reactionary. One of the things I see a lot of,…
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