Pre-orders for REJOICE, A KNIFE TO THE HEART now open

Pre-orders for REJOICE, A KNIFE TO THE HEART now open

Rejoice, A Knife to the Heart Pre-orders


Pre-orders for REJOICE, A KNIFE TO THE HEART are now open on Amazon (and Indigo, Waterstones and Amazon UK too).

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Early Reviews for Rejoice

“Steven Erikson hasn’t just reinvigorated the first-contact novel, he’s reinvented it. This is a wholly original book, brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed, with a fascinating central conceit related to curbing human violence. A masterpiece.” —ROBERT J. SAWYER

“Steven Erikson has one of the finest minds alive.  Nothing less could have produced The Malazan Book of the Fallen.  Now, in Rejoice:  A Knife to the Heart, Erikson shows us what he sees when he considers the future of humanity.  He calls it a thought experiment.  I call it an important book.” —STEPHEN R. DONALDSON

“Contact stories have been a staple of science fiction for about as far back as the genre goes.   Unfortunately, for the most part they have typically been tackled as a normal terrestrial military contact or clash (an action narrative), or as criminal activities (a mystery, or whodunit narrative).

Steven Erikson, however, delves deeply into the philosophical and existential questions the term “contact” implies.  Here we encounter aliens who are actually, truly, alien, not just stand-ins for those beyond our borders, or another tribe or group.  This is startling and thought-provoking stuff – just what science fiction should be. 

Read it and try to think as you once did about, well, anything.  Go on. I dare you.”—IAN C. ESSLEMONT

“A stunning work of literature.” BENNETT R. COLES

“In Rejoice, Steven Erikson takes the varied viewpoints and clever worldbuilding showcased in the Malazan series and applies it close to home, twisting the first-contact premise to highlight our struggles and suggest possible solutions. As a study of humanity’s strengths and flaws, this latest novel stands out for its pointedness and its rich blend of the fantastic and the literary.”

“Finally, an alien invasion apocalypse I can get behind.  Erikson pulls no punches in this absolutely cutting look at where humanity is at, where we’re going, and the monumental changes that need to happen to pull us out of our death spiral.  Rejoice I did at this thrilling tale masterfully told”H.G. BELLS



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