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The God is Not Willing

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The God is Not Willing: Prologue

The God is Not Willing Prologue Godswalk Mountain Range, Northwest Genabackis, Teblor Territory The ascent had taken six days.  By midday on the seventh they reached the top of the[…]

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Life on Thin Ice: Updating my Progress on The Witness Trilogy

Commenting on a work-in-progress is always risky. Whatever the author says is going to run headlong into fan expectation like a ’65 Delmont 88 slamming into a wall. The car’s[…]

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Chaos in the Writing Room! The Ongoing Clusterfuck that is Star Trek: Discovery

[NB: This critique was written prior to Episode Six, Season Two.  That particular episode has done nothing to change my mind.] Did I really use that word in my title? […]

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The Malazan Saga Continues


Steven Erikson

Steven Erikson is a New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author renown for writing The Malazan Book of the Fallen, a ten-volume series that has sold millions of copies worldwide and is recognized as number two of the top 10 fantasy books by Fantasy Book Review and one of 30 best fantasy series of all time by Paste Magazine. He is a trained archaeologist and anthropologist who has published over twenty books, most of which explore notions of privilege, power hierarchies, and the rise and fall of civilizations, or take the piss out of the same. Erikson has been nominated for the Locus Award four times and the World Fantasy Award twice. He lives in Victoria, B.C. with his lovely wife Clare.

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